Dental Services

Dental Services

At Steve McGaughran Dental Practice, our emphasis is on prevention rather than cure. Having a regular check-up is probably the most important element of any dental health plan. It affords us the opportunity to properly clean your teeth, and make sure that any problems encountered can be addressed while they are minor, saving you time and money! As part of our preventative programme we have a dental hygienist available on site for consultation and specific advice on how to give your mouth the best opportunity to stay healthy between visits.

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  • Fillings

    We use only the best materials from trusted suppliers when it comes to creating fillings. We try and preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. A variety of local anaesthetics are available to maximise your comfort during the procedure. You can discuss these with your dentist prior to commencement. You may even find that none are necessary! When your filling is complete, you may not be able to see it, as we try and make them the same colour and shape as the rest of the tooth

  • Crowns

    It is possible for a tooth to be weakened by a large filling to the point where it can’t be filled again. When this occurs, we recommend a crown be put in place. This very strong restoration offers a long lifespan, and can change a ‘high-maintenance’ mouth to a ‘low maintenance’ one. The life-like look and feel of a crown also goes a long way to restoring confidence in our everyday activities of eating and smiling. As with all our treatments, a crown will be our recommendation only – the final decision in regards to treatment is up to you.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Everybody wants to have a nice smile! Poor teeth can affect our self-esteem and sense of well-being. There are many ways to improve the appearance of teeth, and they can vary greatly in cost, and the amount of preparation required. Why not make an appointment to come in and discuss the pros and cons of these treatments with our qualified practitioners? Together we can work out a plan to suit you and your budget, and have you smiling confidently again in no time! If your needs are particularly complex, we can refer you for specialist treatment.

  • Orthodontics

    Did you know that people have been trying to correct their teeth since 1000BC? The Greeks and Etruscans were among the first to try and straighten their teeth! Orthodontics was the first recognised speciality field within dentistry, and today there are many different ways of achieving what is often an aesthetic goal. There are many specialists on the north side of Brisbane, and we will help you to select one should your case require such treatment. With less complex cases we can recommend the Invisalign tooth straightening system. Invisalign is simple and easy to undergo. The system involves a sequence of transparent ‘aligners’, each differing slightly from the previous one, slowly moving the teeth towards their final ’straight’ position. We have had great success with this procedure. For more information please visit

  • Root Canal

    Many people have strange and dramatic ideas about root canal therapy. Root canals can be simple, straight-forward procedures. Sometimes they are complex. Especially complex cases may be referred to a specialist in this procedure, known as an endodontist. If you are suffering discomfort, or outright toothache, then careful diagnosis will reveal if root canal is the treatment of choice. At our practice we go to great lengths to make any treatment relaxing and pain free. Please do not stress about having this treatment! As with any treatment, there are some risks, and your dental team member here will discuss all these with you fully.

  • Bleaching

    Bleaching is a popular and easy treatment, which can be conducted at home. The technique we use is gentle and reliable. It involves a whitening gel and specially made thin mouthguards that are applied for 10-14 days. We do not recommend ‘laser whitening’. We feel this quite harsh on teeth, and has had some unpleasant side-effects. Bleaching is a more predictable and gentler alternative. Our patients like it, and so do we.

  • Implants

    Implants are a wonderful alternative to replacing a lost tooth. The procedure is performed by a specialist after much preparation. Once the implant has taken, we can then help with placing a tooth on top of the implant. We routinely restore all types of implants, working hard to make them as life-like as possible. Your dentist will discuss your suitability for this treatment, and the expected outcomes. Implants are not a ‘cheap’ option, but are considered to be worth the expense by those who have had them.

  • Wisdom Teeth Extractions

    From late teens onwards, wisdom teeth can be a problem. Often there is not enough room to accommodate them in our mouth, in which case they are said to be impacted. In mild cases we can remove these teeth at our practice quite painlessly under local anaesthetic. More complex cases can be referred after consultation with you to an oral surgeon.