Everyone loves a bright smile, made all the better with shining white healthy teeth. For just $250 refresh your look with a dazzling new smile!

Teeth whitening - before & after.There are a number of ways to achieve a whitening effect both in the surgery, through a beautician and at home.

Teeth whitening is not a one size fits all treatment however. The wrong treatment can lead to heightened tooth sensitivity, blistering and burning of gums and mouth, and uneven colouring. It can even cause bleeding in the oesophagus and stomach if the bleaching agent is swallowed.

Only a trained dental physician such as those employed within this practice can thoroughly and properly check your teeth prior to committing to an effective treatment.

We check for important factors like enamel thickness, teeth decay and receding gums. Other things to be considered are the existence of crowns and veneers, which may be adversely affected by the wrong treatment.

Our dental nutritionist will also advise on other possible causes of discolouration such as age and diet, and can help with a long-term plan for keeping your teeth whiter in the future.

Call us today and make a booking to get your teeth assessed, and bring that dazzling new smile to life.