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  • We are open 7 days. No extra charges for weekends.
  • We are open late on weeknights (till 7pm)

We understand that problems with teeth can arise at any time. We always try to accommodate people experiencing pain or discomfort. Because we are open seven days we can help most people, most of the time. However, if you have a toothache at 2 am please leave us a message or book online now on our new website using this button. Book Online - ChermsideDental.com.au

Dental Trauma

If a tooth is knocked clean out, it is important to try to push it gently back into the socket from where it came. It doesn’t need to be perfectly in the correct position, but hold it gently in the socket. For whatever reason, if you are unsure or not confident, keep the tooth in milk, and seek dental attention quickly. The longer the tooth is left out of the mouth, the poorer its chances of reattaching. Sometimes a tooth may be knocked crooked by a blow, often in sport. As long as the tooth is still in the socket, there is no need to panic. The tissue surrounding the tooth is still receiving its blood supply. Please see a dentist at your earliest convenience.

Broken Front Teeth

Broken teeth are common. Knocks, bumps and blows occur all the time. A classic one for Brisbane is a swimming pool accident. Large pieces of front teeth can be lost, sometimes exposing the nerve inside the tooth. This appears as a red or pinkish dot in the middle of the fractured surface. These fractures do not require urgent attention generally, but should be seen within 24 hours if possible. It is not necessary to have the broken piece of tooth, as it is rarely used to be reattached. If the edge of the broken tooth is very sharp, softened sugar-free gum placed over it is a good first-aid measure.

ToothacheEmergency Chermside Dentist

Toothaches happen at the most inconvenient times. We offer same day service to help sort out your pain at the first appointment. We will make it our priority to ensure you are comfortable. We always ensure we make the correct diagnosis, and then give you all the options available to you, while being upfront with costs. Once you are happy with your decision, we will begin going down that path together as painlessly as possible. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call.